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Bangles Jewelry - From Traditional Ornament To High Fashion Accessory

Bangles are wrist ornaments found in South Asian countries, particularly in India. While these are now becoming a hot fashion accessory with universal demand, in India, they continue to be a part of a tradition set in place during the 6th century BC, as gold bangles archeological discoveries suggest. Bangles Jewelry has recently been showcased at international fashion shows.

Traditionally, bangles jewelry commands respect in social circles as it signifies that the person wearing them is married. From the desert state of Rajasthan, to the eastern state of Bengal and from the picturesque state of Kashmir to the coastal state of Kerala, women all over India continue to wear these bangles jewelry in compliance with their regional customs and traditions. Although bangles, by definition, do not have clasps or openings, the highly creative and fashionable items being designed today are equipped with this feature.

Innovation and creativity is also hard at work by changing the very shape of bangles. Though traditionally circular, bangles jewelry these days come in various shapes and designs, to 22ct gold bangles meet the growing demand for unique and fashionable wrist wear. Square bangles are fast gaining popularity. Found in many colors, these come with round outer edges as well as other shapes as outer edges. These Bangles are available in several materials and are also found with movable square loops.

Bangles with the Zigzag pattern are also making waves. These are found in the shape of a zigzag pattern, circling the wrist. Other styles also include two metal bands, crossed in a zigzag pattern to form a bangle, and items where the zigzag pattern appears just in the center of a smooth, round bangle. In addition to different shapes, bangles jewelry comes in different materials, such as, gold, silver, platinum, plastic, glass, wood, etc. These pieces are enhanced further and solid gold bangle have intricate designs and carvings, or are hand-painted in bright and vibrant colors. Bangles embedded with stones and gems are also a big hit with customers. These semi-precious and precious stones are embedded in several designs and patterns, ranging from simple geometrical designs to intricate floral ones.

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