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White Gold Charm Bracelet - The Best Of Both Worlds

A white gold charm bracelet is a lovely accessory that has evolved through the centuries to meet the demands of contemporary women today. Since the early Egyptian era, people believed that wearing charm bracelets brought that person good luck and helped gold bracelet identify them to their Egyptian gods in the afterlife.

Charm bracelets have been a popular jewelry choice in the past and worn mostly by women. Since gold has always been considered a luxurious and precious metal, it was only natural that women should be adorned with gold jewelry; thus, began the transition into gold bracelets. In many cultures, wearing gold has become an important part of their customs and traditions. The popularity only grew stronger through the generations, eventually moving away from its original meaning to one of fashion.

As charms and charm bracelets developed over the years, having such a bracelet as an accessory to a wardrobe 22ct gold bracelet seemed like a natural progression. Most women love this particular accessory since it can be personalized reflecting their family ties, hobbies or general interests.

Some women, however, may like the idea of having a bracelet but would prefer not having the gold look. In this case, they have an option of purchasing a white gold charm bracelet.

A white gold charm bracelet is very popular now-a-days because of its exceptionally gorgeous finish. Aside from this, the price is less expensive as compared to a yellow gold or a platinum type of jewelry.

Furthermore, it is highly suggested for individuals who have sensitive skin and have a tendency to breakout when wearing jewelry to purchase this type of bracelet since they normally are hypoallergenic and more easily tolerated.

White gold is not pure gold, nor is it gold bracelet for women platinum, it just has the appearance similar to that of platinum. In order to create this look, yellow gold is generally alloyed with white metals such as silver, nickel and palladium then plated with rhodium. It is the rhodium that will create the bright white finish. A 24k product is considered a pure grade of gold. Generally, jewelry will be graded as 22k which means it is 92% gold, 18k is 75% gold, 14k is 58% gold and 9k is 38%.

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