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Blurry Vision during Pregnancy: Causes & Treatments

Blurry Vision during Pregnancy: Causes & Treatments

Pregnant women often experience pregnancy symptoms from erratic food cravings to mood changes. The pregnancy signs can overwhelm, excite, and bother pregnant mothers due to the hormonal changes in pregnancy.

Blurry vision in pregnancy is a consequence of continuous hormone changes occurring in the pregnancy term. However, not a sign of worry, miscarriage, or any pregnancy complication, blurred vision in pregnancy usually goes off within a few weeks of delivery.

Among the many signs of pregnancy triggered immediately by hormonal changes and seen early, blurry vision can also start at any point during the pregnancy. Sometimes, vision changes can be due to gestational diabetes or even preeclampsia.

Hence, getting checked with the doctor is always advised. This article explores the causes and ways to resolve blurry vision during pregnancy.

  • Mohit Sharma
  • Jan 15 2023
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