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Where to Order Methadone Online Overnight Delivery in Louisiana | No Prescription

Methadone is chemically related to opium but is completely synthetic. A group of German scientists first made methadone in the 1930s. Initially, they were searching for a painkiller that did not have the extremely addictive properties of morphine. The two scientists, Max Bockmhl and Gustav Ehrhart, synthesized a substance they called polamidon. Buy methadone online

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it came to the United States in 1947, as a pain reliever useful in treating multiple conditions. Over time, it became clear that methadone was useful in treating addictions to narcotics. With a surge in heroin addiction in the 1960s, researchers were scrambling to find a substance that would at least reduce cravings for drugs.


Methadone reduces the painful symptoms of withdrawal and helps suppress cravings for drugs for 24 to 36 hours all without providing any feelings of euphoria. in 1971, the federal government formalized the recognition of methadone as an effective recovery assistant by developing regulations governing its use in treating addiction to heroin.

USE OF Methadone Clinic

Other wise called as substance use disorder service clinic. It a facility where people seeking opioid addiction treatment can go to receive medication that will help them. All methadone clinic programs must be certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and registered with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

in 2018 they were about 1,500 methadone clinic in USA. including Zamurgy where you can get grade a methadone.

There are two types of methadone clinic — public and private. Public clinics are less expensive but limited government funding means people usually end up on a waiting list. With an issue as serious as addiction having to wait days or weeks to begin treatment greatly lessens the chances of a person actually returning and increases the likelihood that they won’t get the help they need.

Private clinics are undoubtedly more expensive, but the benefits are also clear. There is often no waiting list at a private clinic, and if there is one, it will be short.

Requirements for a Methadone Clinic

All clinics have to offer a minimum range of services, including:

Initial examination: Every patient must receive a complete physical by a physician or a health care professional under a program physician’s supervision.

Services for pregnancy: Clinics must have policies and procedures in place to address the unique needs of pregnant patients. The clinic must be able to provide prenatal care or be able to refer the patient to an appropriate service.

Assessments: Patients accepted for a treatment program must receive an initial assessment including a treatment plan, as well as subsequent periodic assessments throughout treatment.

Counseling: Patients must receive adequate substance use counseling from a professional qualified to assess social and psychological backgrounds, contribute to the treatment plan and monitor the progress of patients.

Drug testing: Clinics must conduct at least eight random drug tests per year, per patient. If the patient is in a short-term detox treatment, they must receive an initial drug test. Long-term detoxification requires an initial drug test as well as randomized monthly tests.

These are the bare minimum of services a methadone clinic must provide. The best clinics go above and beyond these requirements by offering multiple types of counseling and holistic services.

How Do Methadone Clinics Work

People struggling with opioid addiction can walk into a methadone clinic and request treatment. Once the clinic has established the individual’s eligibility through various initial screening exams and interviews patients can receive methadone on site. Some programs allow patients to take home doses for self-administration once they have earned the privilege.

Pharmacists, nurse practitioners and registered nurses can also dispense methadone and other opioid treatment medications if a licensed practitioner supervises them. But you can get Methadone at affordable price without any prescription at

When someone enters a methadone treatment program they receive a daily dose of methadone and must participate in counseling of some kind. Methadone treatment at a clinic is often a long-term commitment.

Who Is Eligible for Methadone Treatment?

Methadone maintenance treatment is only an option for people who meet specific requirements. To meet state and federal requirements, patients must be physically addicted to opioids at the time treatment is requested. They must also have struggled with the addiction for at least a year before requesting the treatment.

You can prove your opiate addiction has lasted at least a year with a doctor’s letter or records of any past treatment you have received. If you cannot get that, you can have a family member draw up a notarized certification of your opioid use. You can even ask a member of the clergy to give you a notarized letter if you’re out of other options or that’s easier than asking a family member.

There are exceptions to the one-year rule. If you are pregnant or released from prison within the last six months or have participated in a methadone treatment program in the past you don’t need to prove one year of addiction.

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