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The Top 5 Dinosaur Games Ever Developed and Released

Given that dinosaurs have played a role in some of the best games ever created, we decided to compile a list of some of the top dinosaur games that have been produced over the years.

1. Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

The Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is extremely similar to the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator in terms of functionality. In this game, players pin different foes to face off against one another and see who comes out on top, while the characters have weird ragdoll-type mechanics. This is a sandbox game in which you will pit armies against one another, such as random critters and animals, including dinosaurs, against one another. From then, players can sit back and wait to see who comes out on top in the final round of the tournament. However, there is another feature that allows players to participate in the battle, and you will be armed with formidable weapons to use against the opponents in the arena. At the moment, this game is only available as early access on Steam, and if you enjoyed TABS, there's a strong possibility that you'll enjoy Animal Revolt Battle Simulator as well.

2. Dinosaur Game

dinosaur game is a simple yet addictive 2D arcade game in which you must assist the legendary dinosaur in navigating his way over a huge arid desert without getting injured by other creatures. It is necessary for you to help him jump over cactus and pterodactyls in order to complete the level successfully.

You have an unlimited amount of time to explore the desert where your adventure takes place, so attempt to get as far as you possibly can to improve your score; if you fail, try again to surpass your previous high score and repeat the procedure until you succeed. If you can master this 8-bit endless running and jumping game, you'll be able to brag about your incredible accomplishments to your friends and family.

3. Dino D-Day

When it comes to World War II video games, there have been many of them created, but have you ever played one in which dinosaurs are included in the mix? If you haven't, now is a good time to start. Set in 1942, Hitler has succeeded in resurrecting dinosaurs, which the army is employing to defeat their adversaries and expand their territorial reach. In this game, players will have to fight off Nazis and Dinosaurs while also having the option to transform into rescue dinosaurs that will serve the Allies in their battle. Despite the fact that it is a goofy game, you may notice that there aren't many active people participating in online combat right now in the game.

4. The Isle

Despite the fact that The Isle was launched in 2015, it is still listed as an early access title on Steam. In this survival game, players assume the role of a dinosaur, whether it is a carnivore or a herbivore, and must survive as long as they can. From there, you'll be placed into a server where your only purpose is to survive as long as possible. Food must be scavenged, and you may have to fight other dinosaurs in order to grow bigger and stronger. To summarize: Kill or be killed is a survival game that is best played on a server that is bustling with people that are actively participating. Because this is an early access title, there is a lot of content that the developers are hoping to incorporate into the game, such as more complex dinosaur AI behaviors, playable aquatic and aerial dinosaurs, and mod support, which would allow players to have more control over the content that is added to their game servers.

5. Minecraft – Jurassic World DLC

Minecraft has become a worldwide success, and developer Mojang has released a slew of upgrades over the years to ensure that the game continues to thrive years after its initial release. Fanatics, on the other hand, are equally enthusiastic about delivering mods for the game, and there is an abundance of new content, textures, and even maps available for players to explore. With that said, we recently received an official DLC for Minecraft that incorporates elements from the Jurassic World film franchise. Despite the fact that Jurassic World has a $7.99 price tag, the game will have 60 dinosaurs and more than 20 skins. Players will be able to fully immerse themselves in a new adventure, as they will discover that they can not only construct exhibitions, but also craft and train dinosaurs. The opportunity to go out into the wilderness in quest of Dinosaur DNA is also available.

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