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Setup of a HP Wireless Printer

Wireless connection is available on almost every HP printer model. You may connect HP Printer to both network and wireless devices with the correct Hp printer Wireless configuration. The following are the basic steps for setting up an HP printer wirelessly using the appropriate HP printer wireless drivers and software.

* Follow the instructions in the 123 hp com setup handbook to complete the basic hardware configuration of your HP printer.

* Next, navigate to the HP printer's touch panel and select Settings.

* Select Wireless Settings from the drop-down menu, and then start the HP printer wireless setup procedure.

* Then, from the list of neighbouring networks, choose your Wifi name and input your Wifi password.

* Install the HP Printer Wireless software if your HP printer does not have a touch panel. The driver page has an appropriate version of Wireless software.

* Then, on your HP printer, activate Wifi mode and continue the wizard's Wireless setup instructions.

* When the wizard appears, select your Wireless network name and password.

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